Institute of Sports and Sports Sciences

As an academic discipline, Sports Science is centered around working with and for humans. This means that its empirical work displays a strong focus on applied research. Its central issues derive from various areas of exercise, games and sports, such as school sports, leisure sports, competitive sports and fitness-oriented sports. Sports Science coordinates and integrates contributions from different disciplines or develops original interdisciplinary approaches to these fields.

The Institute of Sports and Sports Sciences (ISSW) is one of the largest and most traditional organizations for Sports Science in Baden-Württemberg. Its unique profile is attributable to its consistent emphasis on empirical research programs, the accentuation of a transfer of knowledge in research as well as a by now well-developed focus on the subject of children's and youth sports.

Currently, the ISSW offers teaching certificate courses for grammar schools, as well as for vocational schools (optional subject). Furthermore, its academic profile is complemented substantially by Masters degrees in Sports Science  (focusing on "Children's and Youth Sports") as well as  a Bachelor degree in Sports Science (focusing on "Sports in Prevention and Rehabilitation").

In addition to its roles in research and teaching, the ISSW is responsible for the administration of university sports.


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